1st December 2018.

That’s the day we left our history of ‘CWJ Consulting Ltd’ behind and became ’emdash Software Ltd’.

It’s been something that we have been thinking about for about 4 years – since we started to grow as a company and invest in developing our emdash tools into a marketable product.  But there has never been a good time to do it.  It’s not warranted enough attention.

So, 1st December 2018 and the deed is done.  Companies House in the UK has changed the name of our Legal Entity.  This means we now have to migrate to the new brand.  Lots to do – most of which are in progress or are complete – but it will take a few weeks to transition across fully.

It should be business as usual for everyone whilst the changes are going on in the background and we plan to launch the new brand early in 2019.

Feel free to reach out to us with any comments or suggestions!

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