Today we are celebrating with one of our customers deploying customisations to their Production Openlink Endur environment using emdash.

We have set up our framework to interface with their source control system (SubVersion currently, but planned to migrate to Azure DevOps). Changes that are made in the repository trigger a process for packaging up a ‘build’.

The build is comprised of SQL Statements (for creating User Tables or custom Indexes), JVS Scripts and CMM Export files.

This is then picked up and deployed using emdash into the target Endur environment.

This system is fully separated out per environment, so the customer has a dedicated set of credentials to interface with their Production environment, and controls over who can deploy to the Production system.

This functionality has saved a significant amount of time in their monthly release and deployment cycle, and has improved the quality of their delivery, as the automated process is exactly the same for Production as is used for their development and test environments.

Example of Custom Code Deployment screen

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