Automating your DevOps lifecycle

emdash DevOps is our tool that automates your environment management functions, such as environment provision, refresh, and code deployments. It allows complex processes to be reduced to a simple point and click action. This speeds up completion times, reduces effort and minimises the risk of deployment issues through human error.

emdash DevOps is well known in the ETRM/CTRM space for managing Openlink’s Endur, Findur, Cube and RightAngle systems. In partnership with Openlink, we are seen as the leading experts in helping customers set up and manage their development environments for these applications.

The modular nature of the toolset mean that we could expand this out to cover a number of other complex applications including Allgro's Horizon, Amphora's Symphony and CubeLogic's products among others.

emdash DevOps automates the environment lifecycle, including:

Application inventory tracking

Application version control

Orchestration of new releases, incremental upgrades, hot-fixes, configuration changes, emergency changes across multiple environments

Reliable production deployments

Consistent deployment and rollback of applications, with full audit trail of activities

Workflow and schedule driven to automate repetitive tasks and to perform unattended actions outside of core business/support hours

Integration with 3rd party software like Oracle, SQL Server, Windows Server, Version Control Repositories, Citrix.

Extensible tools to provide Custom integration as needed

The cost and efficiency benefits of emdash are realized exponentially as the number of environments increases through the delivery lifecycle

As can be seen here, the number of experienced resources needed to manage the suite of environments reduces dramatically by using the toolset, allowing experienced resources to concentrate on priority tasks.

Create first environment

Create subsequent environments

Refresh from another environment

Create new application users

Application version upgrade

Number of skilled resource to manage 20 environments

Without emdash Devops

2 weeks

3 days

4 to 6 hours

10 minutes per user

6 hours per environment


With emdash DevOps

< 1 hour

< 30 minutes

< 30 minutes

< 1 minute for many user in bulk

15 minutes per environment

0 (Self-Service)

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